Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Natalia Jheté grew up in a wildly creative environment. At a young age, Natalia enrolled in school for the arts where she studied music, theater and fashion design. Before realizing her love for the fine arts, Natalia dreamed of being a fashion designer. After going to school for womenswear design, Natalia moved to NYC where she launched the self titled clothing company, JHETÉ. Soon after the launch she realized that she was less suited for the high-speed lifestyle of the fashion industry and decided to follow her other love, fine arts.

Today Natalia splits her time between Miami and New York City, chasing inspiration wherever it takes her. Her chosen media bounces between watercolor and pencil drawings, depending on her mood. Currently Natalia is working on a new series titled "Out of Shape" which will include both 2D and 3D works. She has also taken on the role of Creative Consultant for the Miami based organic skincare company LILFOX.