"Creative chameleon, weaving through multiple disciplines."

Curating a Vision with LILFOX.

Creating the essence of wanderlust with the JET SET launch. Conceptualized to embody travel and adventure, I personally curated and captured an immersive experience and showcasing alluring stills of this TSA-friendly product launch.

From envisioning the perfect visual concept to capturing the essence through my lens, I curated every detail for the launch of an extraordinary skincare product. Each shot is a testament to the creativity & innovation that goes into capturing moments that take images from product shots to a "lifestyle".

I specialize in creating eyecatching imagery that goes beyond mere visuals. Through a meticulous blend of bold aesthetics and subtle allure, each photograph tells a story, embodying the brand's uniquely sexy and edgy vibe. It's not just about capturing images; it's about crafting a visual narrative that resonates with the spirit of LILFOX.


Grumpy Girl Gang