Born & raised in Miami, Natalia Jheté was brought up in a creative environment where she recognizing her interests in art at a young age. Natalia focuse her studies on fashion design and fine arts but after attending school for women's wear design she has decided to focuses on art. Today Natalia lives in New York City where she is steadily making her mark as a watercolor artist. Over the past years she has become increasingly passionate about the environment, and the creatures that live within it, and focuses her energy on working with eco-friendly brands and companies that have cruelty-free manufacturing. As an artist she strives to incorporate these passion into her own body of work; with the focuse of her latest series being the beauty of nature and culture. Her goal is to capture an earthly beauty that inspires people to change the way they look at their relationship with the Earth. With her whimsical, but always elegant style, and impeccable attention to detail Natalia's true inspiration can be found within nature.

Artist sponsered by the American art materials manufacturer Grumbacher.